Making more sustainable choices can help to protect the environment and improve the world we live in. There are ways to make more eco-conscious decisions in all aspects of life, including in building and construction.

Sustainable building solutions give you the tools to make more eco-friendly decisions when starting a new project which can help to impact the environment in a positive way in the long term.

There are many different ways to be sustainable, from changing the materials you use to using different methods of construction which are less harmful to the environment.

One major way you can be more sustainable is to use renewable and recyclable materials. This includes using materials which can be reused in the future should the building be deconstructed.

Timber is a great option for sustainable building as it is a natural resource and can be reused multiple times for many different uses.

It is important that you source your timber from somewhere that harvests it in a sustainable way, such as sourcing recycled wood or by replanting trees that are cut down.

Another choice is to use other materials that have been recycled. This includes recycled glass, metal or plastics. This can also be a less expensive option as used materials are often cheaper to buy than new ones.

It is also important that the construction work is done to a good standard and that your structure will last for a long time. This minimises the need for repair work which often uses more materials and machinery which can be damaging to the environment.

Another great way to make your building project more sustainable is to use machinery or equipment which is less harmful to the environment.

Much of the necessary equipment for building is powered by fuel or electricity, however finding alternative ways to power the equipment can lower the impact.

This could be by using electricity from renewable sources, such as solar power, or using alternative fuels such as biofuels in place of natural gas. This may seem like a small change to make, however, it is a really simple way to make a positive impact.

You may also wish to make more sustainable design choices. This includes many different aspects of design such as insulating, installing renewable energy sources as well as considering layout to maximise natural light.

Proper insulation in a building can make it more eco-friendly as it reduces the need to heat or cool the home by other means, such as central heating or air conditioning, which are huge consumers of energy.

Installing renewable energy sources such as solar panels is a great way to provide power to a building without leaving a lasting negative impact on the environment.

And maximising the use of natural light can also help a building to be more energy efficient by reducing the need for electrical lighting as well as aiding in heating during the summer months by allowing more sunlight to enter the building.