The latest trend in the construction industry is for modular building, with each module manufactured in a factory prior to being installed on site. 

Although this picked up significantly in 2022, it is likely there will be even more developments built this way in the following 12 months. 

The reason being is it speeds up building, reduces carbon emissions and causes less disruption to residents. 

Greenwich Builds programme is one recent initiative that is using modular construction, building 32 homes in East Greenwich for those on the housing waiting list.

Councillor Anthony Okereke, leader of the local authority, said: “Building truly affordable homes at speed is a top priority for the Council, and innovative modular construction is key in enabling us to deliver this.”

He also noted that modular construction helps the council achieve its Carbon Neutral Plan targets by reducing the environmental impact of the properties, along with the installation of solar panels and heat pumps. 

The Royal Borough of Greenwich opened the modular show home last week to the public, which was met positively. 

Cabinet member for regeneration, councillor Aidan Smith stated it is an example of “superbly designed, sustainable homes”, with modular properties being able to achieve better air tightness and energy efficiency than with traditional construction methods. 

According to the Modular Building Institute, other advantages include creating less waste, improved air quality in the homes, and limitless design opportunities. 

It also reduces the chance of accidents and eliminates the possibility of weather delays, as the majority of the work occurs inside the factory. 

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