Construction work in central London is always big news, as it can cause disruption to pedestrians and road users. However, the disturbance will be worth it for the building of a new court in the capital’s legal centre.

Foundation stones at the site, which is located in the City of London, were unveiled by the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary Brandon Lewis recently, marking the beginning of the construction project. 

Once complete, the Salisbury Square courts will provide eight Crown, six civil and four magistrates’ courtrooms, create 400 new jobs and develop a new civic quarter in the Square Mile. 

Mr Lewis stated: “The Salisbury Square development symbolises our place as one of the leading centres for business, law and justice as we ensure that the UK remains attractive to global business and investment.”

The foundation stone is the first court to be built under King Charles III, and therefore, has the initials KC (King’s Counsel) inscribed on to it, marking the only court so far to have this imprint. 

Salisbury Square has been designed by Eric Parry Architects, and will include lifts and wide corridors for those with disabilities; courtroom technology, such as screens and cameras; an all-electric heating and cooling system that stores heat during the summer to use in the winter; solar shading; insulated external facades; and outdoor seating, retail outlets, bars and restaurants. 

The new site will stretch 45,785 square metres and, as well as providing new law courts, it will become headquarters for the City of London Police

Work on the Fleet Street site, which has been funded by the City Corporation, is expected to be complete by 2026.


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