The construction world has faced several challenges over the past few years, both internally and as the result of major external factors that have a range of long and short-term effects for builders, architects and stockists of building materials online.

By being aware and preparing for these changes as much as is reasonably possible, here is how the construction industry can manage some of the biggest challenges facing it this year.


Running Out Of Construction Space In Urban Areas

According to Our World in Data, well over half of the world’s population lives in increasingly densely populated towns and cities, with the prediction that in the UK especially, up to 70 per cent of the population will live in and around urban areas.

This has several knock-on effects, both in terms of the types of residential habitats that need to be made as well as congestion and the capacity for cities to continue to function.

The construction industry has a huge role to play in ensuring that cities are fit for purpose and are developed for the betterment of everyone living in them.


Sustainable Construction

The reality of climate change has been laid bare over the past few years, and the construction industry has been and will continue to change its practices to produce buildings in a manner that is more sustainable and better for the environment.

One way to help in the construction of green buildings is to consider the cost of embodied carbon, which is the carbon emitted during the entire lifetime of a building, from the sourcing of raw materials, construction process, energy efficiency and carbon cost of destruction.

By taking a whole-life approach, we can more effectively see the effects of architecture and construction and work towards a net-zero industry that is required to avoid the potential of a climate crisis.