The weather is finally here for homeowners that want to spend more time in their garden, but if they do not have the outdoor space they have always dreamed of, they might be starting to think about how to landscape their garden.

Here are the latest trends when it comes to landscaping this year.


  • Water features

One of the most popular additions to outdoor areas these days is a water feature, according to Forbes Home.

It revealed that small ponds are particularly “attractive, providing a peaceful environment to unwind after a long day at work”.


  • Metal furniture

Metal offers a good juxtaposition against the natural features of a garden, but this contrast works really well. Homeowners should invest in metal garden furniture, planters, arches, mirrors or clocks, water features or wall decorations, as these will look great set against green foliage and colourful flowers.


  • Extension of indoors

Landscaped gardens this year will continue the theme of trying to extend the indoor space outside. People want to feel like they are sitting in their living room when they are relaxing in their garden or want to be able to cook outdoors instead of being stuck in a kitchen. Therefore, comfortable chairs, tables and pizza ovens will all feature heavily in outdoor areas in 2022, Garden Design revealed.


  • Sensory gardens

Gardens provided a lot of therapy for people during the pandemic, when they were unable to see friends or family. Since then, it has been recognised that they are great for mental health, and homeowners should make the most of this by planting sentimental flowers, incorporating colours that make them feel good, and creating sensory areas.

These could include strong scented plants, those with soft textures situated near pathways, and plants or water features that add a sound element to the garden.


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